The beauty trends for 2020

We love skincare. Therefore, we always look out for the newest trends and how they influence the beauty world. In the last years, we saw many trends come and go, but the best ones always stick with us and become a way of life. Will this happen with the upcoming trends this year? Read on to find out what 2020 will offer skincare lovers.


Sustainability is the most sensible reaction to our planet´s growing environmental crisis. Events like the Australian bushfires, floods, pollution scandals and the extinction of many animal species lead many brands to adapt to the young generation´s eco-friendly mindset. Some of its core characteristics include ethical sourcing, recyclability, biodegradability and minimising the overall environmental impact of production and transport. According to Unilever, 33% of London’s consumers prefer to buy products that have a positive social or environmental impact. This can also be seen by how even more mainstream brands turn to the green side. For instance, the clothing retailer H&M has already started using recycled materials for its garments and has pledged to switch entirely to sustainably sourced materials by 2030. So, where does IONIQ fit in all of this? All our products are entirely vegan – no animal products, no animal testing. Our body care is biodegradable and safe for the environment. Also, by using ONE device for all your body care needs, you take care of yourself and our planet!


Another trend that will pick up pace this year is personalisation of cosmetic products. This means that the cosmetics one buys will be tailored to their specific needs and desires – from skin type formulation to how the packaging looks. This will not only ensure that the product will work even better for them, but it will also fit even better into their daily routine and match their way of life. The trend shows that most people now prefer to look for suitable products online over asking in a beauty store. We at IONIQ aim to take this even further – with our IONIQ app, you can define your skin type, colour and location, set reminders for sunscreen application and manage your vacation times with the calendar feature. The app also gives you personalised tips for how to stay healthy and beautiful.

Beauty tech

In the future, technology will become more important than ever before in all aspects of our daily life. Beauty is no exception. With the hand-in-hand research and development of dermatology and technical studies, many brands begin to merge these two and create wonderful solutions for the beauty world. Beauty tech is also connected to personalisation. With the power of technology, we no longer need personal advisors or consultants to inform us and recommend products that will suit us. We have all this information at our fingertips. In our IONIQ app, you can find a live tutorial on how to use the sprayer, battery status and cartridge level, all controlled by Bluetooth connection between the device and your phone. Additionally, you can find many interesting and educational articles on skincare, wellness and travel on our blog and on the app.


In this new age, beauty is for everyone – no matter what gender, nationality or skin colour. Every person deserves to #feelgoodintheirownskin. Many brands treat long-neglected target groups with their products – male skincare, gender-neutral make-up and cosmetics, expanding colour palettes for dark-skinned people, accessible beauty tech and personalisation for people with disability. It is exciting to see how the world becomes more glowing when people can freely express themselves and feel their best. This is also reinforced by queer people and people of colour in the beauty world – just recently, the famous YouTuber Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) came out as transgender with a wonderfully positive message to all her viewers. She believes people should celebrate their uniqueness and be themselves no matter what. Other beauty gurus like John McLean, Jeffree Star or Nyma Tang spread the message that everyone can be beautiful. We also support that idea, which is why we strive to include everyone in our product range!

Clean beauty

Along with sustainability comes clean beauty – the trend that promises transparency, responsibility and fairness. Clean beauty is defined by the lack of toxic ingredients, filler substances, artificial perfumes and colourants. Often, they are fair trade and of high quality, to ensure maximal effect on the skin. Another aspect of clean beauty is transparent labels – all ingredients are listed on the package without hiding “secrets”, forbidden or illegal substances. We at IONIQ also try to go the clean way – we are transparent, use high-quality ingredients and no colourants in our products. Clean beauty is the way to go!

Indie brands

While huge brands still hold their place on the top, many small businesses and start-ups rise on the market skyline. Indie brands with a mission, meaning and message inspire the customers to believe in something more than just a product. Many of those companies support a cause like sustainability, social justice or charity. A great example is TWIICE, a New Zealand family-owned company that produces edible cups to reduce waste and minimise pollution. In cosmetics, indie brands present new and innovative products with novelty ingredients, natural consistency and thoughtful design that inspires beauty seekers to explore beyond the mainstream. IONIQ also belongs to the indie club – we began as a start-up of Wagner and developed our own vision and mission to revolutionise the beauty world.

Beauty trends can shape a generation and influence how people consume and purchase different products. Overall, we can say that the upcoming trends look very positive – they pay special attention to the individual and their preferences but also strive to do good for the environment and the planet. This is why most of them might stick with us for a long time in the future. We believe that we, too, can find our place among those trends and make the world a better and more beautiful place. To explore more of what IONIQ is about, download our app and check out its features and content!