Mastering the art of travel

Tips on choosing the right destination, advice on efficient packing, best sunscreen for winter sun or beach travel and recommendations on sustainable travel.

Many of us have heard the saying that “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Visiting new places is one of the most exciting things to do. We widen hour horizons, collect experiences, make new friendships and gather plenty of travel stories. And who would not like to sit in a rocking chair, telling their grandchildren about their adventures? But often going on an adventure into the unknown leaves us pondering the pros and cons of it. Are we sure that everything will turn out fine? There is never a way to know it all in advance, but that’s part of the thrill. We are here to take your mind off any possible worries, so you can fully enjoy your trip. In this article, you will find a few highly recommended destinations, a failproof packing list and the reasons why your trips should be as sustainable as possible.

Is there one single best way to travel?

The answer is no. Some prefer to rough it up by camping, hitchhiking or Couchsurfing; some swear by beach travel or winter sun, and some will only stay in 5-star hotels. The possibilities are endless and depend on what you prefer, the type of destination and how much you are willing to spend. Go with your heart and enjoy your trip regardless of the way you travel.

Choosing the right destination

The first important step is choosing where to go. Have you ever sat down to pick a dream destination, only to realise this process has turned into a nightmare? You spend hours searching through incomparable offers and looking at a never-ending list of wonderful places, only to be spoilt for choice. Why not choosing 1 of 3 mind-blowing winter beach vacations as your next destinations for your upcoming trip.

  • For beach bums — Belle Mare, Mauritius
    An island lost somewhere in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia, Mauritius has crystal-clear beaches, wonderful lagoons and luscious green landscapes. Famous writer Mark Twain is said to have claimed that the island was God’s prototype for the construction of paradise! Perfect as a winter sun destination, it is also known for its excellent cuisine that mixes colours, flavours and fragrances from all around the world.
  • For sports aficionados —Grand Canyon, USA
    A trip to the United States is that sort of thing one should do at least once in a lifetime, and not necessarily because of cult destinations like New York City. This diverse country stole our breath away with a “piece of art” made by nature, the Grand Canyon. The stunning views guarantee rich memories; trekking routes will satisfy even the most demanding activity-lovers; and a deep river gorge offers opportunities for extreme sports such as rafting.
  • For history buffs — Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    A unique work of human hands, the Angkor Wat is one of the most beautiful archaeological complexes still preserved in our times. Built during the Khmer Empire over 1000 years ago, the complex stretches over 400 m2. It includes breath-taking temples like the Ta Prohm, which was featured in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider film. The intricate temple corridors are a place of true wonder that will have you marvel at the way these pillars intertwine with the big tree roots of the surrounding jungle.


Once you decide where you want to go, the next step is packing. It is easy to lose track of all the things you want to take with on your trip. But 20 travel essentials you really shouldn’t forget at home when going on vacation. What’s the most important item you cannot do without on vacation? Sunscreen. Do not assume that a lazy beach holiday is the only time that you should apply sunscreen. It is equally important to remember to put it on all exposed areas when trekking in the hills or going skiing up in the mountains, as factors like high altitude or snow can greatly increase the harmful effects of UV rays! Yes, using sunscreen on winter days is essential.

Enjoying your holidays, responsibly

So, you have chosen the destination, packed your suitcase and embarked on a journey. What’s next? That’s right! You should now enjoy your holidays, but don’t forget to be a responsible traveller. Many people do not see their holidays as a burden on the local culture and environment. Their priority is having a nice time. To make sure you’re being as respectful as possible, try to read about the locals and their habits; learn a few words of the local language; and bear in mind that you are a guest. What is important to realise is that sometimes we leave not only our memories but also harmful “footprints” in the places we visit. Be it through taking a shortcut on a trekking route, littering or tampering with nature. The “leave no trace” principle briefly explains the rules of responsible travelling:

  • Plan and prepare for specific conditions
  • Travel and camp only on durable surfaces
  • Take all your waste back with you
  • Leave behind anything that you find (whether twigs or seashells)
  • Minimise the impact of your campfire
  • Respect wildlife around you
  • Be considerate of other visitors

By following these steps, you can leave the sites you visit intact. Travelling is a great adventure that can benefit not just travellers but also the destination. One good way of thinking about the places you visit is: “leave it better than you found it”. Treat everything and everyone you encounter with the exact same amount of respect you want to be treated with. If you’re looking for a small travel companion that is willing to the extra mile for sustainability, meet IONIQ. This environmentally friendly, sustainable sunscreen comes in different shapes, all of which aim at taking care of your skin. If you want to learn more about this, visit our blog.