The best skincare tips for women and men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Whether you’re 20, 50 years old or somewhere in between, taking care of your skin is crucial.

We tend to assume that systematic skincare is necessary only for those struggling with issues like severe acne, extreme dryness, eczema or skin sensitivity. What we are often not aware of, is that that systematic skincare routine is something we all need to embrace, regardless of skin type, age or the issues we face. Starting to look after our skin in your 20s is not only a preventive measure that will slow down ageing or make us look younger, but it is also part of our general health. Additionally, a nourished skin makes us feel good, which is a great first step in adopting a holistic attitude to your wellbeing. Each person has a different skin type that requires a personalised solution. Getting to know the needs of our skin at a young age prepares us for the future journey of embracing a healthy lifestyle for the rest of our lives. In this article, we outline the best skincare tips for all ages.

What are the most important properties of skin at different ages? The needs of our skin change as we age. Therefore, it is crucial to keep adjusting our skincare.

  • 20s: the young skin starts to experience its first signs of ageing as the epidermis and the dermis start to thin,
  • 30s: skin moisture and collagen (responsible for skin’s elasticity) decrease and the first wrinkles appear. The perfect Daily Skin Routine from 30 gives you an overview of what to do to prevent from those.
  • 40s: deep wrinkles and hyperpigmentation start to develop and there is an increase in the skin’s roughness and dryness,
  • 50s: the skin’s elasticity decreases considerably, resulting in deeper wrinkles, increased dehydration, and impaired wound healing.

How to keep your skin healthy with commercially available skincare products?

Whether it is skincare for the old or the young, one of the most important things is to always choose products that are designed for your skin.

The ingredients in most of the commercially available products are generally chemicals and synthetics. The powerful and concentrated ingredients are aimed at aiding a specific skin issue. To avoid irritation, make sure you get a product with high-quality ingredients. All of this makes it even more important to ensure that products are well-suited to your skin type. All Ioniq products contain only high-quality ingredients and oils. They are, therefore, also suitable for sensitive skin.

What about natural ingredients?

The main difference between natural and chemical-based cosmetics lies on the ingredients used. The latter are normally composed of synthetic ingredients that go through strict safety regulations, whereas natural cosmetics resort to the use of ingredients that come from natural sources. At the end of the day, the choice between one or the other is a personal matter.

One of the many ways to liven up your skincare routine is by having a friend join you. Challenge yourself by using only ingredients that you would normally find in your pantry. Our team put together 3 of the best ones:

  • Honey face mask. Mix a few spoons of honey with two pinches of organic turmeric powder and a splash of oil suitable for your skin (e.g. argan oil is good for dry skin and rosehip oil serves acne skin). Leave on for 20 minutes for a glowing, moisturised, and nourished skin. Honey is a great anti-ageing ingredient that also makes the existing wrinkles less pronounced.
  • Coffee face scrub. For an invigorating scrub that exfoliates dead skin, mix equal parts of a chosen oil with ground coffee beans. Leave for 5-10 minutes and wash it off in a circular motion. Use on the whole body for improved circulation and smooth and glowing skin. Coffee is a perfect solution for both young and old skin.
  • Rich anti-ageing cream. Take ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil and mix it with 1 tablespoon of shea butter. Add a spoon of oil that is best suited for your skin. For extra nourishment and moisturising skincare for the old you can add rose water, or Aloe Vera.

Are there any differences in anti-aging skincare for men and women?

If you’ve ever wondered how to prevent your skin from aging, here are some summarised facts and tips for you.

Men and women’s skin are slightly different; therefore, they require a somewhat distinctive approach. The main differences are:

  • Until the age of 50, men have a lesser tendency for dryness than women.
  • In general, women’s skin is less acidic than men’s, which gives them (the women) the unfair advantage of having the tendency of drier skin.
  • Women’s skin produces less sebum than men’s. In women, it decreases with age, while in men, it stays stable. This gives men higher chances of developing acne, even beyond teenagerhood, while women need to pay more attention to moisturising their skin.
  • Men tend to get irritated skin from shaving, which makes their beard area prone to sensitivity and requires gentler solutions that calm the skin.

How to keep your skin healthy?

Basic steps that we can all easily incorporate in our daily routines are:

  • Using sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from skin cancer, premature wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Avoid indoor tanning and instead, try natural fake tan solutions.
  • Ensure a daily skincare routine: cleaning, followed by serums and a moisturiser.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet consisting of plenty of vegetables and fruits while avoiding junk food.
  • Quit smoking. Your lungs and skin will thank you for this.

Systematic skincare that suits your skin type and the needs of aging skin is an important step of a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Finding good skincare takes time — with multiple tests and failures, internet research and visit to the dermatologist’s office. IONIQ ONE skincare aims to simplify this process, making it even easier for you to nourish your skin and reach all body parts evenly. For more information, visit our blog.