Ready to go skin power after every shower

Some think of the well-deserved sense of relaxation a shower gives them. Others just see showers as a pure necessity. Either way, we have some tips for how to make your daily shower routine more effective and healthier for your skin. Make showering a fun routine both as relaxation after a tough workout or preparation for the next big party.

Showering necessities

Exfoliating in the shower twice a week is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells, which will make any other skincare product you use work even better. Your skin will be happy. The active ingredients in your after-shower face masks, for example, can now be properly absorbed.

We recommend taking a warm or lukewarm shower as opposed to a hot one; hot water dries out your skin. In any case, it’s essential to moisturise after a shower. Choose a good moisturizer for your skin type, such as a richer lotion for especially dry skin. For a more comfortable experience, you can use a serum that absorbs quickly into the skin, such as the IONIQ Body Serum. To get the most use out of your product, make sure to apply it while still in the bathroom, so you get all the hydration from the steamy air.

Quick add-ons to your shower routine

Body care doesn’t have to take much of your time. These tips will only add a few minutes to your routine and won’t disrupt your work-life balance. In fact, a shorter shower is usually better for your skin and leaves you more time for skincare.

Dry brushing could make your exfoliation more effective, increase your circulation and improve the overall health of your skin. Use your body brush in long strokes before getting in the shower, starting from your feet and working your way upwards.

Did you know that face cleansing should be done after the shower? This way, you won’t get your pores clogged by shampoo or conditioner. Using cooler water saves you from losing the natural oils of your skin.

To preserve the beauty of your hair, try brushing it before getting in the shower. Dry hair is less vulnerable and less likely to break, so getting rid of the tangles before washing it is definitely a good idea. For your hair’s after-shower safety, switch your rough towel to a t-shirt, which is way less damaging. Remember to carefully pat both your hair and skin dry. Don’t rub it!

IONIQ Body Serum as the ultimate add-on

With this body serum, you can apply bodycare onto your whole body homogeneously. It’s easy to use and because you have no time to waste, you won’t even need to wash your hands afterwards.
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