Funstainability – That’s why skincare is fun now

Discover how you can enjoy high-quality green beauty with IONIQ, without any negative impacts on the environment.

Fun plus sustainability equals funstainability. Body care should not only be improving and upkeeping your skin’s health, but you should be able to enjoy the process as well. Fun is one of the key factors when it comes to body care – it is hard to keep up even a good habit if it feels like a chore or like a waste of time! You can make your daily skincare routine more fun by inviting a friend for a home-spa evening or by listening to your favourite music. Or you can take the fun to the next level and be ready for all your planned activities much quicker and more conveniently than before. But how? Choose the right cartridge for your needs. IONIQ One can help you to instantly apply skin care after a shower, without getting your hands sticky – IQ Body. And even more. Would you like to enjoy the sun? Choose IQ Sun and you can quickly apply sunscreen; at the blink of an eye, you’re ready to go outside and safely enjoy the sun.

Body care and sustainability at once

Beauty and nature go hand in hand; therefore, we’re proud to explain why our IONIQ One is a great choice for both you and the environment. Despite being a sprayer, the device doesn’t use any gases that could damage the atmosphere. Instead, the IONIQ One uses magnetic attraction in order to evenly spread whatever product you choose. Thanks to this technology, the use of body care product is extremely efficient, and no product goes to waste.

IONIQ at the forefront of green beauty

IONIQ’s skincare product range goes from sunscreen and self-tan products all the way to body oils and mosquito repellent, and they are all 100 % vegan. Our IQ Sun, the sunscreen that comes in three different levels of sun protection factor, is, of course, also coral reef-friendly. Take advantage of this modern, high-tech solution and make your day easier and more enjoyable – something both you and the environment will appreciate!

Feel good with smart body care

Do you want to know more about IONIQ and our revolutionary skincare products? Our app, IONIQ Skincare, is essential if you want to enjoy your IONIQ One sprayer to the fullest; you can easily check how much battery your sprayer or product your cartridge has left. In addition to general information about body care, the IONIQ app also provides personalised product recommendations based on your location and your skin type. If this sounds like something you want to get your hands on, go to the App Store or Google Store and just download the IONIQ app.