How do you choose the right sunscreen for your skin type?

There are a plethora of sunscreens available, and they all differ in their components. Any good skincare routine should include sunscreen, and daily use of a product that doesn’t work for your skin could cause more harm than good. Matching the sunscreen to your skin type isn’t always the easiest, but well worth the effort. Keep reading our guide to finding your perfect match below!

Your map for navigating the sunscreen jungle

Normal skin: when you’re blessed with normal, uncomplicated skin, your choice is easy. Any high-quality sunscreen will work for you, whether spray, cream or stick. Remember to have a look at the SPF in any case – especially if you have fair skin!

Dry skin: is your skin dry, flaky and even itchy at times? Sunscreen could be a great way to not only prevent your skin from drying out even more but also to moisturise it. A sun protection cream can be applied after your daily moisturiser. Instead, you can look for sunscreens that contain hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or glycerine. If you prefer natural ingredients, look for sunscreens containing aloe vera or honey.

Oily skin: creamy sunscreens can usually feel sticky and heavy for people with oily skin. Instead, water-based sunscreens are ideal, and there are many products on the markets labelled “ultra-light”. Look for a product containing tea tree oil or niacinamide to additionally keep your skin’s natural production of oil under control.

Sensitive skin: a good choice if your skin tends to react to different skincare products is to go for physical sunscreen. This type of sunscreen works as a shield for your skin and remains on the outermost layer of the skin without absorbing, ultimately blocking the UV rays.

Skin with acne: if you have acne, it is a good idea to use a sunscreen that is especially suited for sensitive skin, such as a mineral sunscreen, with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the active, protecting ingredients. As with oily skin, try finding a product that is water-based and feels light – your skin should be able to breathe without clogged pores.

Why is this choice of sunscreen so important?

There is no perfect sunscreen for every skin type, and sometimes the process of finding one takes some trial and error. Different types of skin have different needs; a sunscreen could add much-needed moisture or conveniently reduce your skin’s production of oil. Using sunscreen could therefore not only benefit you long-term by protecting you from skin cancer, wrinkles or spots but make your skin healthier immediately.
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