Bad Sunburn Alert! 5 Quick Hacks for Sunburn Help

Did you ever come back from a holiday with something more than new friendships and joyful Instagram snaps? What if the main souvenir is a painful sunburn?

There is nothing worse than having to deal with a lobster-red skin that hurts and itches with every move. Whether it is the afternoon siesta in the sun that lasted a bit too long or that cheerful atmosphere that made you forget to put on the sunscreen, it happened to the best of us. If you find yourself in this situation, fear no more. We are here to give you the well-deserved quick relief from that red, swollen and painful skin irritation.

What can you do once the damage is already done? There are five effective ways to treat sunburn right and to make it less painful.

  1. One of the most important ways is to cool your skin immediately. Taking frequent cold showers or a cool bath helps with the pain. Remember not to rub your skin with the towel – the skin is very sensitive so you must be extra careful not to irritate it further. To dry yourself, gently pat the affected area, ideally leaving water on your skin. Finishing it up with a good moisturiser helps with the dryness and allows your skin to heal faster.
  2. The choice of moisturiser matters. Ideally, it is a natural solution, which helps to avoid ingredients that may irritate your skin further. Aloe Vera (pure and without additives like alcohol) is one of the best options that effectively heal mild irritations and even wounds. You can double its strength by applying it cold. Another good option for sunburn help is coconut oil, especially cold-pressed and organic. Use it only when any blistering or swelling has subsided.
  3. If the sunburn is on a small area of your body, you can calm the inflamed skin using ice. As the skin is extra sensitive, make sure you wrap the ice cubes in a damp cloth and hold gently over the burn. This helps to absorb some heat from the skin and serves to constrict blood vessels which reduces the swelling.
  4. Another sunburn hack for the pain is to take painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen. They can be effective in reducing some of the redness, itching and discomfort that you may be experiencing. Lastly, let your skin heel. Do not be tempted to pop the blisters or scratch away the peeling skin as they protect your skin from infections.

IONIQ has the hacks you need

As innocent as reddened skin may look, you must remember that sunburns are a sign of overexposure to the UV rays that can have disastrous long-term consequences, like skin cancer. The best sunburn hack is staying out of the sun on hot days and most importantly, slathering on that sunscreen, even after those yummy midday Margaritas. To find out more, download our IONIQ Skincare App.