5 sunscreen mistakes everyone has made

A lovely day in the sun calls for some sure-fire safety measures. When it comes to sun protection, taking care of your skin´ s health is easy – with our tips you can do it, too. Incorrect use of sunscreen could lead to unpleasant damage that develop over time, like wrinkles, pigment spots or skin cancer. We listed five common sunscreen mistakes that everyone has made below. They are, of course, followed by the best ways to avoid them. Keep reading and keep your skin safe and beautiful!

5 of the most common sunscreen mistakes, and how to avoid them:

Wrong dosage of sunscreen.

Most people use way too little sunscreen; only 25-50 % of the recommended dose of product. The average adult needs around 30 ml, about a shot glass, of sunscreen to cover their body.

Infrequent application.

After two hours, the active ingredient in your sunscreen will have been used up by your skin, which means your skin is lacking protection. Reapply sunscreen every time you come back from the water, because no sunscreen is completely waterproof. Did you also know that it takes about 15 minutes for the skin to properly absorb the product? Take this in consideration before you go out in the sun.

Using an expired sun protection product.

Throw out last year’s sunscreen and get yourself a new one; it’s definitely worth it. The protecting ingredients in your sunscreen don’t last forever, meaning the SPF written on the bottle could be much lower in case the product is old.

Not covering your entire body.

To ensure your skin’s safety, all exposed skin needs to be covered in sunscreen. Hard-to-reach body parts, like your shoulders and back, are easily forgotten or neglected, and consequently exposed to dangerous UV rays.

Only using sunscreen on sunny days.

Make it a habit to use sunscreen every day; just because you can’t feel or see the sun, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from UV rays. Quite the contrary: UV rays can go through clouds, and a phenomenon called the “broken-cloud effect” could even increase the intensity of UV rays by reflecting and dispersing sunlight. In conclusion; be especially cautions during partly cloudy days!

It’s always better to be on the safe side

There’s no such thing as being too careful; your long-term safety is crucial. To ensure this, use a correct dosage of sunscreen and regular, everyday application of sunscreen all over your body. Even difficult-to-reach body parts deserve some care with fresh sunscreen! If you want to learn more about the best way to take care of your skin, subscribe to our IONIQ newsletter and download our app. We’ll make sure to keep you on the loop.