Best care but no time – IONIQ One prepares you for everything

Stress can in the worst of cases not only harm your physical and mental health but also show on your skin. A busy working schedule or a lack of energy at the end of the day could stand in your way of good skincare. Continue reading below to learn about the effects of stress on your skin and the basics for every day healthy skin.

Your skin reflects your lifestyle

The skin is our body’s largest organ, and, inevitably, it mirrors our lifestyle choices. If you treat your body poorly, it’ll most certainly reflect on your skin! It’s no surprise that smoking cigarettes can cause premature ageing, and that sun tanning and sunburns can lead to wrinkles and sunspots, but did you know that things like stress and worrying damage your skin?

Stress is a given in our society, and it is usually impossible to erase it completely from your life. However, you should be aware of its negative effects on your skin. The stress hormone cortisol increases the production of natural oil in your skin, causing acne and breakouts. It also intensifies existing skin problems, such as rashes and eczema. Worrying could sometimes be associated with itching skin, which can become even more of a problem when daily skincare is missing.

Caring for stressed skin and yourself

Dealing with the overproduction of oil is best done by washing your face twice a day. Ideally, with a mild product that doesn’t irritate your skin even more. A moisturiser is not only necessary for your face but your entire body. These essentials are a good start, but it doesn’t have to take that long to treat your skin right.

Balancing life and work isn’t always easy but try to prioritise your health and your skin. Skincare could also easily turn into self-care; turn on some nice music or a guided meditation and do a face mask in the evening to relax. Start your mornings energised after a good night’s sleep and remember sunscreen in addition to cleansing and moisturising. Other factors that improve your skin and health at the same time are your diet and how much exercise you get. Remembering to stay hydrated, having a low-fat diet rich in fibre, as well as daily exercise, can do miracles for your skin.

How can IONIQ One make your skincare routine more convenient?

Stressed skin usually requires some extra attention, but how does this work out with your already busy schedule? IONIQ One offers you both the sunscreen and the bodycare you need! This convenient sprayer applies sunscreen, body serum or tan in seconds, allowing you to reach each body part stress-free. Our specially developed formulas dry quickly, and you don’t need to worry about messy hands or spills, thanks to the magnetic skin technology. Want to learn more about skincare? Sign up for our newsletter today!