How to sunscreen your back

No more sunburns – when it comes to sun protection, IONIQ has your back!

It is important to stay protected from dangerous UV rays during the sunny months, and the way you apply sunscreen on your skin could be determining how enjoyable your day in the sun is.

Haven’t we all had to deal with a sunburned back at least once? Not only is a sunburn with its redness an involuntary scream of attention but it makes your everyday life painful; from showering to sleeping or even just wearing clothes. Worst case scenario, UV rays could be life-threatening, causing skin cancer. It is, therefore, crucial to correctly and regularly apply sunscreen all over your body, and yes, that includes your back.

The back is one of the most exposed body parts when it comes to spending a warm day at the beach. Ironically, it’s also the most difficult part of your body to reach. You can find all sorts of creative ideas on the internet on how to get sunscreen on your back. A popular and supposedly effective way is to put a good amount of sunscreen on a large piece of plastic wrap and rubbing it over your back like a towel. Other suggestions include using a paint roller with a long handle or even a toilet brush in combination with a washcloth. But will any of these ideas really give you the sun protection you need? Or will you have to resort to asking a friend, or even a stranger for help in order to manage something as simple as sun protection?

How to best protect your back skin when you’re by yourself

The solution to this common problem could be IONIQ One – a smart skincare product that can solve this problem once and for all. Not only will IONIQ One spray the perfect layer of sunscreen on your back or any other body part that is difficult to reach; it can also be used to evenly spray moisturizer, self-tan lotion or even mosquito repellent. Imagine being able to use the perfect amount of all these products, not only easily and quickly but completely mess-free; no more sticky hands!

We at IONIQ believe that the skin reflects your inner beauty and health. Therefore, we have created this device to help you take care of your skin in the best and most effective way possible. As we learned the main reason to why people aren’t managing to effectively protect themselves from the sun – not bad or inadequate sunscreen itself, but insufficient application – we realized that technology can help to fill this gap. The IONIQ One will safely cover even the trickiest parts of your body, without wasting any product, and all this without any nature-damaging aerosols. Make sure that you take good care of your skin.

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