What happens if you don´t use sunscreen

What are the consequences of not using sunscreen?

Most of us are eager to go bask in the sun as soon as the first summery sun rays are out. Yet, often we forget to pack that miraculous sunscreen. What can you expect when there is no sun protection at all?  

You’ll get a tan and new moles

Epidermis, dermis and fat are the 3 layers our skin is made up of. The most superficial one, the epidermis, is the one responsible for protecting us from the environment, and that includes the sun. By being exposed to UV rays, some of the cells in the outer layer of our skin generate a darker colour, i.e. a tan. This means that that sun-kissed look we get is actually damaged skin. The more exposure to the sun, the more moles and freckles will appear. This is the result of melanocyte cells clumping together and forming new spots in our body. This is no reason to be alarmed, but if you’ve noticed that they’ve changed in appearance, then it’s time to go see a dermatologist.

You’ll put your skin at risk.

We all know that skin cancer is a serious matter, but for some of us it still sounds like an improbability. It is, in fact, quite common. According to a 2014 study led by the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV rays are more conducive to skin cancer than smoking to lung cancer. All combined, breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer don’t amount to as many as skin cancer cases. All the time spent under the sun constitutes a health risk. To minimise this, you have to make use of all the tools you have at your disposal, and the most effective one is using sunscreen. Everyone needs their fix of vitamin D, but you can do it reasonably, and even without being in the sun.

So, how should you apply sunscreen?

Now that you’re ready to let sunscreen in your life, feel free to splurge on a pricy one. After all, we’re dealing with health here.
Have it always by your side. When you’re done getting ready to leave the house, put on some sunscreen. Get used to having it as a morning routine.
Make sure you get sunscreen that protects your against both UVA and UVB rays. The latter are the ones responsible for premature aging and skin cancer, as they penetrate beyond the epidermis, but the UVA rays are more likely to cause sunburns. In other words, the UVA rays are the ones you should protect yourself against in the short run.
Scatter some bottles of sunscreen in places such as your car, your purse/bag or in the office. By applying it every 2 hours, you’re enhancing your sun protection.

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