Christmas at the beach: How to apply sunscreen the right way

Imagine you’re on vacation; you just arrived at the beach, and the sun is at its highest. You’re enjoying the view of the turquoise ocean while spraying on a quick layer of last year’s sunscreen. A couple of hours later, after swimming and sunbathing, you start noticing a soreness all over your shoulders – and the mirror shows a bright, red face. Does this sound way too familiar? The most common causes of sunburn are using too little sunscreen, not reapplying it often enough and using an expired product.

The amount matters. Use an adequate amount of sunscreen; people tend to use way too little most of the time. If you don’t use enough of it, your sunscreen will give you a much lower SPF than what it says on the bottle, which means that you can spend a much shorter time in the sun before burning. IONIQ One offers the solution to the dosage problem – with its help you can always apply just the right amount of sunscreen.

Don´t forget the tricky places. Remember to cover your entire body with sunscreen – places such as the back of your legs, ears and back. These parts are easily forgotten and sometimes almost impossible to reach, but could leave you unprotected. If you still find this difficult, the IONIQ One sprayer can do all the work for you – with coverage even in the trickiest areas.

Apply often. Regular application of sunscreen is key; experts recommend reapplying a good layer of sunscreen every second hour, to guarantee protection. If you sweat a lot you might need to reapply more often, and of course immediately after swimming. IONIQ makes this even faster and easier for you; get the perfect application with just one simple step.

Be prepared! Remember that most of the sunlight that you get exposed to doesn’t come from just lying on the beach; dangerous UV rays can also reach you during a quick walk to the nearby grocery store or while driving. Make sure you are protecting your skin from sun damage even when you’re not on the beach.

How can IONIQ One help you here?

There seems to be a lot of rules to follow, but it is still worth it to take care of yourself. If you prefer a faster and more convenient sun protection routine, we recommend using the IONIQ One – a sprayer that, thanks to its high-end technology, applies sunscreen all over your body. You can find some easy-to-follow tutorials on our YouTube channel.