The right skin care for the cold days

The days are getting colder again, and this is especially noticeable on our skin. It gets dry, reddened, itchy and more sensitive than usual. Besides, it appears pale and makes us look old – in the truest sense of the word. This is not particularly pleasant but also not surprising as it is constantly exposed to changing conditions. Outside you have the winter with its icy winds that make our skin tiresome and inside you have dry air from the heating. Sensitive as well as normal skin dries out, wrinkles become more visible, eczema worsens, and even acne can occur strongly due to these conditions. We can thwart all this with a few simple adjustments so that our skin shines healthy even in the cold weather.

What are the consequences of not using sunscreen?

Taking care of your skin from head to toe in winter is of paramount importance. In addition to using the right creams to suit your skin type, there are other factors you should pay attention to.

Your shower routine

When it’s cold outside, some of us love spending an awful lot of time taking steaming hot showers. This may feel good, but it takes a toll on our skin. By doing that, we are removing the body’s own fat, which in turn dries it out. To avoid this, choose a warm shower instead of a hot one.

The right diet

Seasonal and regional foods with many antioxidants help our skin steel itself against the cold winter days, let it shine and also strengthen our immune system. Sure-fire foods include walnuts, pumpkin and linseed.


Do you turn on the heating right after you get home from the cold? We can understand that well but try to resist this urge and don’t exaggerate. Dry air from the heating will also dry your skin. In winter, it is generally advisable to use a humidifier to level this up.

The right care for dryness

Facial skin is particularly sensitive and susceptible in winter. It needs more intensive care, attuned to the skin type, to give the amount of energy it needs. Download the IONIQ Skincare App right now to determine your skin type and get the right tips for your personal needs. This much we can tell you: Regardless of your skin type, in winter there is a general reluctance to use aggressive peelings that dry out the skin even more.

Your face skin isn’t the only part of your skin that gets dry. In fact, your whole skin can have a rough ride. You should, for instance, pamper your feet regularly with a rich cream. Frequent hand washing in combination with the cold air outside dries out your skin. So, make sure you always put on some lotion after washing your hands. Applying lotion on your body after showering is a must in your daily skincare routine. With the right body care that provides your body with enough moisture, you can learn to enjoy every step of pampering your body. Trust us, you’ll feel the difference. Find out more about our intelligent IONIQ skincare products here.