After sun – Aloe Vera for your skin

Here’s why Aloe Vera may be just the right option for your sunburn

Body care is the care of the skin and its appendages which also includes hair. The aim is the prevention of illnesses, maintaining and strengthening health. More broadly, body care fosters skin maintenance and enhancement of well-being and attractiveness. Those with sensitive skin are aware of the inherent problem that not every lotion, body cream or body oil is designed for them. In the interests of countering undesirable skin irritations and simultaneously offering your skin a startling sensation, it’s vital to identify body care products specifically formulated for your skin type and anticipated results. Your skin is in many ways an amplification of self-expression, and similar to you, your skin is uniquely special whether dark, light or in between. That is why you need to find the appropriate product for you in order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, something that will give you a feeling of completeness.

Your skins best friend

Your skin needs the right sun care to keep it evenly browned for a prolonged period of time. Aloe Vera moisturising and medical care advantages are the be-all and end-all for healthy skin that looks pure, smooth, radiant and natural. Due to its all-round talent as a moisturiser, Aloe Vera care is suitable for a variety of uses – and not only in cosmetics for women! For example, you will equally find soothing after-shave balm based on Aloe Vera, which ensures a particularly healthy soothing feeling on the skin after shaving and at the same time, experience an unobtrusive but pleasant scent.

Aloe Vera should best be gently and evenly rubbed on the body. You can also apply and leave Aloe Vera overnight then wash it off in the morning.

There are collections of body care products in the market, most of which are not natural, making it inevitably hard to spot a single product that meets your desires. A uniformly tanned skin is considered by many to be the ideal and natural beauty. Aloe Vera has undoubtingly a dozen of advantages which makes it a single body care product with versatile medical applications. We prefer Aloe Vera body serum, which provides intensive care during and after extensive sunbathing even with minor sunburns.

IONIQ and Aloe Vera – the perfect match

IQ Body serum contains Aloe Vera as one of the key ingredients. This offers ultimate cooling care, that is suitable for all skin types and can be applied for a beneficial effect of pleasantly cooling the skin providing sufficiently plenty of moisture, that dries almost instantaneously when applied to the body, thereby keeping it moist without looking oily. The IQ Body serum is ideal for relieving temperature-related redness or swelling, thanks to its cooling effect. A real all-round aptitude and a must for all those who are looking for powerful care and want a coveted glow. For your natural well-being with natural Aloe Vera extracts, discover the whole world of our products here. The natural properties of this plant will also inspire you.

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