Which product for which skin type

Navigating through the skincare jungle can be a difficult quest. There is an endless supply of products that cater for every single one of your needs. Since there are no two equal skins, you can start by determining which type you have. Continue reading below to learn about the most common skin types and figure out which of the categories you best fit into.

Normal skin

If your skin is neither dry nor oily, without any problematic impurities or damage, chances are you’ve been blessed with normal skin. However, this doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t need any care at all. It is still important to use the right skincare products so that you can prevent any future damage or issues. Cleansing is essential for every skin type but should be limited to twice a day, in order not to dry out your skin. Use a moisturiser; we recommend the IQ Body Normal Skin, which will keep your skin smooth and energised, without leaving a sticky feeling.

Oily skin

Some characteristics of oily skin are larger pores than normal, dullness and frequent pimples or blackheads. If this sounds familiar, you might have oily skin. This skin type could be caused by your genes or by hormones, stress or a hot climate. Your face might require more frequent cleansing than other skin types, as well as products that won’t block your pores. Finally; blemishes such as pimples disappear faster if you leave them be – however tempting it may be, don’t pop them!

Dry skin

Is your skin sensitive, inelastic, rough and itchy? Dry skin is often affected by the environment and external factors, such as UV radiation, heating, weather and inadequate skincare products. The best remedies for dry skin are gentle cleansing and, of course, a rich moisturiser. The IQ Body Dry Skin will provide you with all the moisture you need, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. Keep your showers short and not too hot.

Combination skin

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With certain parts of the skin oily and other dry, combination skin has its challenges. It is, however, a very common skin type. Our tip for combination skin, in addition to standard skincare, is to use different skincare products on different body parts. For example, the T-zone of the face tends to be oilier and can do with a lighter moisturiser. Using blotting paper on this area to remove excess oil can also help significantly.

Drinking enough water, regular cleansing, moisturizing and applying sun protection are the key factors for basic skincare. However, it often happens that we fail to pay attention to our skin type, which leads us to neglect giving it the help it craves. If you want to know more about this and other topics, feel free to download the IONIQ Skincare app. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.