5 tips for the perfect bodycare routine after showering

To keep your body healthy, it’s good to indulge in daily care. To do this, you need to wash your body with love and dedication to attain a fresh and supple skin. The average person showers once a day. This ritual allows us to relax after a stressful, strenuous day; it’s our moment to “pamper” ourselves at the same time we reward us for going about life so fiercely. To make showering more effective, there are some golden rules you should abide by. Here are 5 tips for the perfect care routine after shower.

1st tip: Dry your hair carefully

After a relaxing shower, it is important to dry your hair carefully, in addition to the rest of your body. Wring out excess water before leaving the shower. Avoid rubbing it with the towel, because you could damage it and make it frizzy; consider using a cloth only for your hair, preferably in microfiber or even an old shirt. If you have long hair, you can wrap it in a turban.

2nd tip: Dab the skin to dry it

Don’t rub your skin vigorously, because it can become irritated; patches of dry skin may become scaled and start to spread out. Instead, try to gently dab or tap the body. Start from the top and gradually proceed down to the toes. Make sure you absorb as much water as possible before hanging the towel to dry.

3rd tip: Stay away from boiling hot water

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t shy away from scalding hot water, this tip can fall heavily on you. But once you get it under control, you’ll start noticing the effects of this change. Water that is too hot can easily devoid your skin of its natural oils. This leads to overall dryness of the skin, which is something you want to avoid at all cost. So, when showering, go for lukewarm water. This way, you can easily clean your skin without drying it out. [SJ1] 

4th tip: Use a towel or a fan to dry evenly

Use a towel or a fan to dry yourself the best way possible; if you proceed manually, it will take a few minutes. Hair dryers and fans are very useful for drying areas that are difficult to reach or covered with a lot of hair, such as armpits and groin.

5th tip: Apply a lotion or a body serum for skincare

These products are better than a normal moisturiser and present a lower risk of irritation. The most suitable time to take advantage of all the properties of this remedy for dry skin is precisely that immediately after showering. Therefore, we recommend IONIQ’s skincare body serum, useful for reaching all parts of the body and for better absorption, without the need to rub the whole. To get a consultation or any kind of help on the product, you can contact us at any time. While you’re at it, do follow IONIQ skincare on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.