Sunscreen and makeup?

Because your face is exposed all the time, it is important to know how to protect it from the sun, even when you’re wearing makeup! Some say that sunscreen and makeup are downright incompatible when worn simultaneously, but we’ll break it down to you: this is false. It sure is possible to wear makeup and stay safe in the sun; all you need is to know how.

Our advice for using sunscreen while wearing makeup

Choose a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15

Choosing a sunscreen can be tricky. Aim for SPF 15-30 if you’re staying inside, and SPF 30-50 if you know you’ll go outside during the day. You shouldn’t use makeup instead of sun protection, but rather a combination of both. The SPF included in your foundation or setting spray is usually not enough on its own, just a good addition to traditional sunscreen. Since there are many skin types, it’s recommendable to try out different products. For example, a heavy sun cream might work best for people with really dry skin, while there are lighter options for oily skin.

First the sunscreen, then the makeup

Always start by applying sunscreen, since the product works best when it gets absorbed directly onto your skin. However, if you use a day cream or other moisturiser, you should apply this one first and then wait at least 15 minutes. Use about half a teaspoon of sunscreen, and don’t forget your neck, eyelids and the back of your ears. Again, wait a bit after applying sunscreen before starting to apply your foundation or any other makeup. Different products could contain substances that don’t react well when mixed.

Combining sunscreen and makeup doesn’t have to be difficult

Moisturiser, sunscreen, makeup and, of course, waiting between applying the different products can be time-consuming and feel like a waste of time. On top of this, there’s even reapplying every two hours! We know that taking care of your skin can require a good dose of motivation.
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