How to choose the best body care for your skin – start by determining your skin type!

There are six different skin types, which one do you have? Find out with this easy guide and discover how to best take care of your skin.

Everybody’s skin is unique and different, and it isn’t always easy to find the right body care for it. Knowing your skin type will, however, help you a lot in creating your own perfect skincare routine. There are six different types of skin, each with its individual characteristics.

Different skin types. Which type are you?

Dry skin is usually sensitive to your environment; a change in temperature can easily affect your skin negatively. If you have flaky or itchy skin, and your skin feels inelastic, chances are you have dry skin. Combination skin is characterized by dry cheeks, but an oilier T-zone – the t-shaped area of your forehead, nose and chin. Sensitive skin has similar characteristics as dry skin; your face might be itchy and red because of body care products, weather or even stress. You can usually recognise blemished skin by large pores, and zits and other impurities seem to appear easily. This could be due to factors such as genes, hormones or stress. Mature skin is usually characterized by feeling less elastic compared to earlier in life, as well as by being drier and having wrinkles, especially around the eyes. The last skin type, normal skin, is usually low-maintenance; it is naturally well hydrated and evinces a radiant tone.

Skin care tips for combination, dry and sensitive skin

The ideal skincare for dry skin will add all the missing moisture to your skin; we suggest you make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water daily. A daily moisturiser is essential, preferably with a sun protection factor. In addition to the moisturiser, face serums and body care products with natural oils are good for your skin. Moisturiser is also important if you have combination skin, but it is also essential to clean your skin carefully with lukewarm water before using any skincare products. For sensitive skin, a perfume-free moisturiser can protect your skin from external factors. We also recommend not to rub your face too much while washing.

The right treatment for blemished, mature and normal skin

For blemished skin, cleansing is the essential part of the body care routine; be sure to thoroughly clean your face daily and exfoliate weekly. For hygiene reasons, it’s always better to touch your face as little as possible when you’re out and about. Moisturiser and sun protection are important for mature skin, and there is also a range of products made to keep your skin looking young. Normal skin is often considered easy to take care of, but keeping up with basic body care such as washing, moisturizing and exfoliating, is always a good idea.

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