5 ways to feel good in your body

Every day, countless people feel judged by others and by society, some to the point that they develop eating disorders or even avoid going out in public – all because of the way they look. Things are changing for the better, though. The body positivity movement of today started in the early 2010s and has been growing ever since. It is all about challenging and overcoming society’s view of the ideal body, embracing and feeling good about the way you look regardless of skin colour, body type or imperfections. The movement also emphasises that you can be healthy in different body sizes. A good body image is essential to feel good both physically and mentally, but how can you achieve that?

How to instantly feel good and improve confidence in your body

1. Try to find things you really like about your body and focus on these. It could be anything; your thighs, hair or eyes. Try to look past the parts of your body you don’t like as much every time you look in the mirror – focusing on only the negative doesn’t have any good impact.

2. When looking at yourself in the mirror, make it a nice experience; you can write yourself some encouraging post-it notes, and stick them around the frame of the mirror. Or you could come up with a small, fun ritual for every time you walk past a mirror; blow yourself a kiss or just smile, it will brighten your mood!

3. Look at art to improve your body image! Throughout history, there have been a multitude of ideal body types, that have been celebrated and immortalized in paintings, sculptures and photographs. Avoid any art that tries to sell you something; advertisements are often, sadly, created specifically to make you feel bad about yourself – and not to improve your confidence.

4. Treat yourself to some nice body care – not because you want to achieve a “perfect” body, but because it’s hardly possible to feel bad after a nice bath or your favourite skincare routine. Try to see body care as a feel-good routine; a way to get your skin a little treat it deserves.

5. Do some exercise! Do not focus on losing weight or getting fit but do something that you genuinely enjoy. Exercise has been proven to lift your mood both short and long term, because it releases endorphins and prevents depression and anxiety. You’ll start to notice all the amazing things your body can do, instead of small, superficial flaws.

Why is it so important to feel good about your body?

Dealing with a negative body image is crucial for your mental health and improving your body image will have long-lasting positive effects. Being comfortable in your own body will also motivate you to live healthily and to take care of yourself physically. Do you want to learn more about body care and health? Subscribe to our newsletter!