Which one is better: lotion, serum or cream after shower?

The choice of the right type of bodycare product to apply on your skin has been a running dilemma for quite some time. Some vouch for the wonders of serums, other for moisturisers or after shower products. Although your personal taste has the last word before the purchase, you should know that different products serve different purposes. Body lotion, for instance, is primarily thought to add hydration to the skin and to make it linger there. Serums, on the other hand, penetrate deep into the skin to potentially reverse issues like ageing at a cellular level. After shower moisturisers act on the spot; they are meant to give your skin the suppleness and hydration that showers, especially in hot water, take away from your skin.

The body lotion and the body serum

Body lotion and body serum contain a good percentage of water; therefore, they are suitable for those who need fast and careful hydration. These formulas are, in fact, absorbed immediately and leave the skin dry after a few seconds, because the water contained evaporates and settles on the dermis together with the moisturising and protective principles. The creams and formulations in milk are not only ideal for those who do not have dehydrated skin problems and are looking for a natural skin hydration in every season but also for those who have skin that is quite impure and tends to form pimples, especially in the shoulders, legs and arms.

The oil lotion

Oil lotions are more intense, and some people may find them difficult to apply and to absorb. For this reason, it is ideal to apply them when the skin is still wet, to create an emulsion that can be more easily absorbed by the body. Oil formulations can be useful for those who have very dry, dehydrated skin and for those looking for an anti-aging and protective formula. The high content of nutrients and moisturising oils can give rise to a too dense consistency, and the result can turn out to be a skin that remains shiny and even greasy, especially in summer.

What’s the easiest solution to cherish your skin?

The choice of the most suitable after shower care products must be preceded by the analysis of one’s own dermis and can also change according to the seasons. We strongly recommend IONIQ products as they deliver on their promise. Its flawless spraying efficiency will free your hands of wanted stickiness that conventional bodycare products generate. It allows you to reach all body parts evenly, all the while regulating the exact dosage your body needs.

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