Something new under the sun – revolutionary sun protection with Ioniq One

What is the best solution to safely enjoy the sun? Traditional spray or cream, or is there perhaps a better option?

What are the dangers of sun exposure?

Despite its positive impact on your mood, the sun could also damage your health. Turning the use of sunscreen into a daily habit is an easy way to protect yourself from sunburns, wrinkly skin and even skin cancer. However, deciding on the most effective type of sun protection isn’t always easy. There are several things to take into consideration when choosing between cream and spray. Or is there perhaps a third alternative?

How to choose a convenient sunscreen option?

Applying sunscreen should be a quick and hassle-free process, especially since it is important to apply it every two hours, if you want to enjoy a full day in the sun. Cream has a disadvantage here; it can easily lead to a messy chore, leaving your hands greasy and your skin sticky. With spray, the process is faster, and you keep your hands clean. You will be more likely to reapply your sun protection if the process is effortless. 

What to look out for when choosing sunscreen?

The level of protection is, of course, also crucial. Generally, a high SPF factor, such as 30 or above is recommended. But it is also important to use your choice of sunscreen correctly, to ensure the SPF factor of protection on the bottle. It is important to cover all body parts that will be exposed to sunlight; parts that are easily forgotten are ears, lips, and even the scalp if you prefer not to use a hat. A common mistake is to apply too small an amount of sunscreen, especially spray. A solution to this problem is to opt for cream: it is easier to see what amount you apply on your skin. Using cream is also more precise – you avoid breathing in unhealthy fumes and waste less of the product compared to sun spray.

The importance of the right intgredients in sunscreen

Other differences include the ingredients. Every brand has its differences, but generally sprays are likely to contain alcohol, which isn’t very good for your skin. Another disadvantage is their flammability. Make sure to keep them away from fire. Cream and its greasier consistency could double as a moisturiser and be useful in case you have dry skin. Finally, an advantage of sun spray is that it’s easier to reach difficult places. Your back, for instance, if you go sunbathing by yourself or to quickly protect impatient children.

Not decided yet? A third solution would be using IONIQ One, a skincare product that efficiently covers your body in sunscreen, without getting any product on your hands! It absorbs quickly, works on any skin type and leaves your skin feeling smooth and light. Each body part can be conveniently reached with the IONIQ One, and you can safely enjoy your day protected from UVA and UVB rays!

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