5 best male bloggers and blogs on bodycare

Only recently, the Beauty Community has discovered a new field of interest: Male beauty and beauty bloggers. You can follow them on YouTube and Instagram and they often write on their own websites to instruct the whole spectrum of people on make-up. They not only get to show us their best tricks for perfect foundation or eyeshadow, but also advocate for every man’s right to enjoy beauty products and a glamorous make-up, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Here, we want to show you the five best male beauty blogs on the internet.

1# Gabriel Zamora

Though he refuses that label himself, Zamora is a self-taught make-up artist who also likes to focus on the rights products that men should use to stay healthy. The skin being so important and delicate, there is a ton of recommendations we all profit from when it comes to beauty for men. From muddy skin masks to hydrating toners, from hydrogel melting masks to cleansing oils, there is a plethora of bodycare products one cannot simply miss out on. 


This is a comprehensive blog with lots of information on how to stay healthy and groomed. From hair and beard care to skincare, from celebrity tips to secrete beauty hacks, this blog will surely provide an answer to all your beauty questions. Need an excuse to shave off your beard this winter? Read on. Need a reason to get a manicure occasionally? D’Marge will give you a hand. All in all, this is your go-to blog if you’re a man who just wants to stay healthy.

3# Jake Jamie

The reason you should watch Jake Jamie’s tutorials is, among others, his great foundation technique. This is a perfect measure for every man, even for those who initially might not be so interested in mascara and highlighter. On top of that, Jake Jamie has the best advice when it comes to the skincare that you should have prior to the actual make-up process. He has also collaborated with several beauty brands and is part of the #MakeupIsGenderless movement, which is now taking over Twitter and Instagram.

4# Gary Thompson

Gary “theplasticboy” Thompson is a true professional and multidimensional talent. He works as a make-up artist, so he knows his onions when it comes to telling you what to do for your skin to stay healthy. He offers a bit of everything: foundation, seasonal winter make-ups; all the while giving good recommendations for both basic and high-end beauty products. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll definitely up your game on all things beauty for men.

5# The Everyday Man

Hailing from the UK, this is an online magazine that writes useful content on fashion, lifestyle, grooming and beauty for men. If you’re undecided on what beauty product to buy, reading detailed reviews on selected products is a good way to start. Under the category “Grooming”, you can find the latest skincare products and grooming tips, so you don’t have to jump in at the deep end.

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