IONIQ Visiting The Indie Beauty Expo in London

It was a lovely and insightful experience for our Business Development Manager Julia Steger and Digital Marketing Manager Barbara Diril to visit the Indie Beauty Expo in London last week.

Beauty awakens the soul to act.

While all of our members are working on the daily business of innovating and disrupting the skincare market with our smart IONIQ One skincare sprayer and own smart indie beauty products as IQ Sun, IQ Body and IQ Tan, we thought it’s great to get out there and attend the Indie Beauty Expo to connect with our beauty peers.

The Indie Beauty Expo was founded in America in 2015 and finally found its European market debut in London, Berlin to follow early next year. Indie beauty brands like IONIQ are on the rise and truly stir up the beauty market. Not only by setting new trends, but through a given agility to try new things and move towards consumer’s unmet needs quicker than big corporate structures can. It was a great experience to see other international indie beauty brands sharing their love for beauty with us, setting the trends of tomorrow and showcasing products that truly awaken the soul to act.

While our IONIQ team is working night and day to finalize our IQ products and leading into the final steps of our serial production for a scheduled launch towards fall 2019, we will surely attend the Indie Beauty Expo in the future with our own products. We cannot wait for our own products to make people feel good too!