Recovering Your Skin From Summer

Now that the summer is almost over it is time to recover our skin from the summer sun. No matter where you spent this summer, you most likely were exposed to a lot of sun and heat, which takes a toll on your skin.

Although applying sunscreen and working towards protecting our skin from dangerous UV radiation and premature aging is crucial, the summer heat still changes our skin complexion and elasticity.

While it is important to eat nutrition rich foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts it is important to take a few steps in our skin care routine to recover from this extremely hot summer and prepare our skin for the chillier and dryer fall days.

Post-summer skin care recovery tips

In order to improve your skin appearance one of the most important steps in your skin care routine is to exfoliate, moisturize and apply sunscreen.

  • holger-link-761436-unsplash.jpgDon’t shower to hot. Here are more shower mistakes that are drying out your skin
  • Use a mild shower gel
  • Exfoliate your entire body about once or twice a week using a salt scrub, body peeling or exfoliating glove
  • Deeply hydrate your skin right after showering, every single day. Your body needs lots of nourishment.
  • Apply sunscreen year around

Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells and speeds up the skin renewal process. Dull and dry skin will be taken down softly and healthier skin cells will grow back quicker. While exfoliating helps your skin complexion to become better, when done regularly it also helps to reduce fine lines. However, it’s important to keep in mind that exfoliationg to hard will damage your skin. If you need more exfoliationg, do it longer, not harder.

Getting rid of dead skin cells makes the penetration of your body care products into the deeper layers of your skin much more effective.

Nevertheless, never skip on using sunscreen. Sun protection has to be applied all year round as 80 percent of UV radiation can reach us even on cloudy days.