From an idea, a drawing to our first prototype… What’s next?

Sometimes people are so caught up in life that they forget to lean back and reflect. Today we do so! Looking back at how our idea came to life, to find a solution to protect people better from sunburn and now becoming a skin care company sounds quite ambitious, but we are on the right track.

In the past two months, IONIQ gained four new team members in the areas of Product Development Cosmetics, Product Management Hardware, Product Management and New Media. With this expansion, IONIQ not only gained a dynamic and international team coming from different professional backgrounds, but even more important they brought in much valuable knowledge of our customers’ needs across different continents as Asia, USA and all across Europe.

Our starting point was to know and understand the needs of our customers across different cultures much better. This is how we operate, with the customer always on our mind. While fighting sunburn was our motivation to develop a smart beauty device that promises better coverage, we were inspired to take on the challenge to not only produce a one-of-a-kind beauty device, but beyond to develop our own skin care products. We love using skin care products and spending the time to treat our body well. Yet, we also know that not everyone finds the time to do so. Common skin care products on the market right now are not the most efficient and convenient to apply. While coating and spraying is common practice in many industrial sectors, why not finding the perfect technology for the human surface and biggest organ, our skin?

While the idea and plan for a skin care spraying device was on paper for a long time, we were very excited to finally hold the first prototype in our hands two months ago. Since then a lot has happened. The R&D team along IONIQ’s operative team has been working night and day to constantly improve the usability of our beauty device. While we started our first tests within the Wagner Group to get the hands on opinion of spraying experts, we also went out to gain valuable insights from users in Munich and Barcelona.

Our goal was to reflect upon the feeling on spraying skin care products instead of rubbing them in while we also needed to test the handling in people’s everyday lives.

Soon the research and development process will be through and IONIQ will be kicking off the next step, the serial production and skincare line development for our launch in 2019. We cannot wait to take on the next steps of our exciting journey in making you feel good in your own skin.

In the meantime, we thought this would be a great time for a BBQ with all the people involved in getting IONIQ out on the market.