Common spray sunscreens… gone with the wind!

Everyone knows the issue of using common spray sunscreens. Whether it is pump or aerosol sunscreen, through both spraying applications a lot of the product is actually being lost. Either big drops of sunscreen land on the ground or it is gone with the wind and so is your money. So, why do we invest in spray sunscreen when it so inefficient? Simply because of its convenience? Think again, you still have the good old issue of having to rub in the sunscreen with your hand to be protected.

Innovative spray sunscreen that is complete and without much waste

IONIQ’s innovative Magnetic Skin Technology can beat the wind. The sunscreen lands where it should be, onto your body. Your whole body will be perfectly covered without having to rub in the sunscreen and losing much liquid through strong winds as the liquid is attracted to your skin.

Here an example of the IONIQ One prototype spraying effect.

Barbara IONIQ Handy 074