IONIQ’s Story


…how our idea came to life. Many years ago, an employee at Wagner in Markdorf Germany – a world-leading manufacturer of coating systems – was driven by the idea to develop a skin care device that protects everyone better from sunburn.

It should become a beauty device that’s tapping into the internet of things. One that replaces the human hand in your daily beauty regime and makes it outcome more convenient and efficient. Being surrounded by spraying experts the idea naturally arose to develop a one-of-a-kind spraying device. After considering several different technologies the idea to develop a connected device that works through ion technology was set. Ultimately countless research hours and discussions later we pitched our innovative idea to the board of Wagner Group and can proudly say that we are the first team that has been accepted into the Wagner Incubator freiraum.


Today this has already come to fruition. We were able to gain a very dynamic and international team of experts and can now operate as a corporate start-up. By providing the space to brainstorm, the know-how and some financial resources we have succeeded in developing a device, our IONIQ with an innovative Magnetic Skin Technology that works through a generated attraction between skin and liquid.

With the given resources we have been able to develop our smart device, our IONIQ One. Yet, we are also working on developing our own 100% vegan skin care products, as a coral reef friendly sunscreen, mosquito repellent, tanning spray and body lotion. Therefore we are aiming to gain more investments through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign where you can back us to be the first to own an IONIQ One as we are all pursuing one single goal…
make you feel good